FFS Staff


Amanda Hamilton Roos - Program lead

Amanda Hamilton Roos is a lifelong educator and has taught in public schools, private schools, community centers, and libraries. She’s written hundreds of pages curriculum for all levels, grants for school programming, and passionate letters to school boards… And she has also sat at the kitchen table and battled homework with her three children. She became a true believer in the importance of family engagement the day her daughter walked into kindergarten.

Amanda develops materials and programs for Family Friendly Schools, with a focus on family engagement at the high school level.


Ann Bohman - EdCoach

Ann has always believed in reaching beyond families and schools to make connections within the community. Her knowledge of family engagement and community outreach is immense, and that’s why she makes a phenomenal coach for schools working with FFS.

Prior to her retirement, Ann worked as the Parent & Family Engagement Lead for the Ohio Department of Education, responsible for technical assistance to Ohio schools PreK through 12th grade, administering federal grant programs, organizing statewide conferences, and presenting workshops.

Click below to access a Virtual Tour of a Family Friendly Partnership School, with 100 ways to make your school welcoming to parents & families. Ann recently created this resource for the Ohio Dept of Education.

Carol Dickson.jpg

Carol Dickson - EDCOACH

Carol has served as a Family Engagement Resource Provider for the Manhattan Strategy Group, under contract from the U.S. Dept of Education. Carol has also served as an Education Programs Consultant for the California Dept of Education. Part of her responsibilities included the formation of partnerships among schools, families, and communities with the goals of increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, and increasing graduation rates. She also collaborated with key constituency groups to provide information and assistance to school district staff about the importance of parent and family engagement in the education of their children. She began her career with more than 20 years of high school classroom teacher and experience prior to serving as a school district adminsitrator.


Victoria Montemayor - Director of Online Strategy & Marketing

Victoria is a word nerd and lifelong learner. She grew up the daughter of an elementary school teacher and experienced first hand the work that goes into developing students.

Victoria created and launched Family Friendly School’s first online course, Engage! Online, effectively taking a live seminar and making it available to many more schools at a lower cost. She’s committed that good work be made easily available and works with the FFS Team to build an accessible world of family engagement online at Family Friendly Schools.

AVillanueva Headshot.png

Annie Villanueva - Partnerships Coordinator

Annie discovered her passion for education while at a non-profit in NYC where she ran art and music workshops in homeless shelters. Since then, she’s taught PreK, Kinder, First Grade, Fine Arts (K-4). She is currently launching her second Parent Education Program for KIPP Schools, this time at Valiant Community Prep in East Palo Alto, CA.

Annie knows exactly what it feels like to be “desperately searching for resources to help” her in her job, so she enthusiastically builds partnerships between Family Friendly Schools and schools, districts, and other leading organizations in education. Email Annie

Abby Minde

Abby Minde - Instructional Designer

Abby has a hand in all online coursework for Family Friendly Schools, including the inaugural coursework for Engage! Online.