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  • Increased test scores,
  • Improved student behavior & attendance, and
  • Gotten positive parents participating at their school.
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Diversity & Family Engagement

For Administrators: Diversity & Family Engagement - The Impact on Schools & SCores


  • How to maximize benefits of diversity identified in research
  • Learn the secret St. Hope's Charter School used that raised state-level test scores by 250 points
Build Your Family Engagement Dream Team

FOR teachers: Build Your Family Engagement Dream Team


  • The 8 people & perspectives you NEED on your team
  • Scheduling timelines and tips to maintain momentum
  • Email templates for personalized invitations
At-Home Activities that Increase Brain Development

For Parents: At-Home Learning Activities that Increase Brain Development


  • Activities to increase reading & math skills at home (you can do together!) - while running errands, cooking, or cleaning the garage

"There aren't a lot of people going this deep when it comes to family and community engagement. We needed someone that had done it successfully, and honestly we looked... and  we did not find anyone but Family Friendly Schools."


Shanceler Terry

Family & Community Engagement Coordinator, Alief ISD
Houston, TX




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