Face Roadblocks with Confidence

Imagine being stuck with a pressing issue unique to your school and having a former State-level Family Engagement Director available to talk to and brainstorm with.

How would your problems be solved faster & more creatively?

EdCoaching is available as a supplement to other services and also as a stand-alone service.


Meet Your EdCoaches

Dr Joni.jpg

Dr. Joni Samples

Dr. Joni Samples has spent forty years helping schools like yours and parents like you take learning home. Dr. Samples started as a Special Education Teacher, became County Superintendent, and wrote several books on family engagement and ran Family Friendly Schools for ten years. Dr. Samples is known as one of the pioneers in the field and helped establish family engagement as a practice in the United States. She loves coaching all kinds of schools and helping them discover what will work in their community.


Ann Bohman

Ann has always believed in reaching beyond families and schools to make connections within the community. Her knowledge of family engagement and community outreach is immense, and that’s why she makes a phenomenal coach for schools working with FFS.

Prior to her retirement, Ann worked as the Parent & Family Engagement Lead for the Ohio Department of Education, responsible for technical assistance to Ohio schools PreK through 12th grade, administering federal grant programs, organizing statewide conferences, and presenting workshops.