Downloadable Resources & Reports

Free reports created by FFS and other sources.

Every Student Succeeds Act 2016 Title I

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Section 1116

Every program offered by Family Friendly Schools meets family engagement requirements set by Title I and ESSA. We've provided the exact text here, courtesy of ESC Region 16.

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Family Friendly Partnership School: Virtual Tour

This PDF & 10 minute animated video tour shares over 100 ideas and ways to create a family friendly school. It was created by our own Ann Bohman for the Ohio Department of Education.

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Diversity & Family Engagement: The Impact on Schools & Scores

Learn how to maximize the benefits of diversity identified in research in this PDF prepared by Family Friendly Schools. Also included is a case study of St. Hope's Charter School, which raised state-level scores by 250 points.

Build Your Family Engagement Dream Team

Build Your Family Engagement Dream Team

A short PDF to help you get started, including info on the 8 different roles and perspectives you need on your team, scheduling timelines and tips to maintain momentum, and email templates you can customize for invites to your team.

at home activities for parents

Go from holiday backtrack to winter breakthrough!

We’ve collected some of our favorite activities from FFS’s iconic Parent Playbooks. These simple activities use household chores or activities that likely happen “everyday” in your students homes and give parents a new perspective to integrate those everyday activities with learning.

Whether parents are cooking, taking a walk, or visiting a store (and writing and reflecting about it afterwards), many fun family days can be expanded into learning opportunities when students are not in school. And, when kids return to school they can share their experiences with their class!

improve behavior & attendance at school

Printable Resources to Improve Behavior & Attendance

This is an easy resource to use to increase positive communication with parents. Training our brain to think of and communicate 10 positive messages helps us, helps our parents, and helps our students grow a more positive mindset. Read the full story on the blog.

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ENGLISH & SPANISH! Tips to reduce 'Summer Slide'

This printable PDF is ready to share with your parents before you release students for summer break.