The Best Classical Music to Stimulate Child Brain Development

Want to help stimulate your child’s or student’s brain with classical music but don’t know which songs to play? We’ve collected our favorite songs — the ones we use in the Creative & Connected Curriculum — and shared them here below.

  1. Flight of the Bumblebee, Rimsky-Korsakov

  2. Liberstraume, Liszt

  3. Waltz of the Flowers, Tchaikovsky

  4. Minute Waltz, Chopin

  5. Opus 32, Brahms

  6. Prelude in C, Bach

  7. Fur Elise, Beethoven

  8. Tales of the Vienna Woods, Strauss

  9. Waltz in C Sharp Minor, Chopin

  10. Minuet in G, Beethoven

  11. Toreador Song, Opera Carmen, Bizet

  12. Waltz Opus 39 in A Flat, Brahms

  13. Nocturne in E Flat Minor, Chopin

  14. Waltz in E Flat Minor, Chopin

  15. Sugar Plum Fairy, Tchaikovsky

  16. Nocturne in C Sharp, Chopin

How to Use Music to Develop Healthy Brains

Music, improvisation, singing, acting — there are simple activities you can do with your students or children to help them process emotions and develop healthy brains. See how you can use these exact songs in the Creative & Connected Curriculum.

Creative & Connected Curriculum

The Creative & Connected curriculum is an innovative prevention program designed specifically for at-risk pre-school children, with 50+ exercises based in music, movement, improvisation, and discussion to help children develop healthy brains.

Especially relevant for children who’ve experienced trauma or have any repressed emotions, the exercises in the Creative & Connected curriculum allow children to explore a release emotions through movement and see they’re not that scary.

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