YOU are a resource worth sharing

Dear Educator,

When you think of family engagement, do you picture family picnics? Math carnivals? Back-to-School night?

Family engagement happens in all of these spaces, and in many many more.

In fact, family engagement encompasses ALL of those little interactions we have with families throughout the year.

Every automated phone call, sign-in sheet, and even every sports events are collectively included in “family engagement”.

As an advocate for family engagement at your school, it helps to adopt this broader, more extended perspective because teachers, coaches, counselors, and paraprofessionals all interact with families, and…

YOU have something to share with them about producing better results with that they care about with their students’ parents.


It’s true. And let me say up front it’s your perspective that will be valuable. (We’re not talking about telling anyone how to do their job.)

Here’s what we mean.

This month we’re sharing a resource to help your Special Ed teachers plan for their next Individualized Education Plan meeting (IEP) using the lens of family engagement.

IEP meetings are common, sometimes contentious, touch points with parents that happen on a regular basis every school year.

For many educators, it seems easier to keep parents and families at arms length when it comes to uncomfortable meetings like IEPs.

“It’s better if we just tell them as little as possible…”

We’ve all heard that or even said that before!

But we all know that every adult deep in their heart wants young students to succeed.

And honestly?

We’ve seen time and time again that student success requires us as educators embracing families, even if it is a little uncomfortable at first.

Here are 5 simple strategies you can share with your Special Ed colleagues to spark ideas and collaboration.

Inside you’ll find quick tips, why they’re important, and even a short email template you can swipe and customize for sharing and starting the conversation with other educators on your campus.

We know you’re a tremendous resource for your co-workers and we love helping you out with that.

Is there another colleague or type of family engagement interaction you’d like to see us address?

We can and will create any resource that is valuable to you.

If we can all brainstorm ways to make every school interaction more family centered, your entire school community will continue to thrive.

We’re cheering you on from afar,

Dr. Joni, Amanda, and the entire FFS team

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