3 Totally Stealable Ideas for Curriculum Night

As many of us at Family Friendly Schools are former educators ourselves, we know that teaching is hard work.

Planning extra events or curriculum nights for families is proven to work in engaging families, but it’s tough to find time to plan events that are “outside the box” or different. No one wants to attend a boring, lecture-style curriculum night and no one has much time to plan anything different!

Here are 3 innovative and totally stealable ideas for curriculum nights this year. These take the brainwork out of planning and give you a framework for ways to integrate the educational aspects of family engagement and the fun stuff parents love to attend already.

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How to Weave in Curriculum into Your “Funnest” Events

Science: Partner up with an arts or choir teacher for a double feature.

Plan a choir performance or recital at the end of your "science curriculum" night. Parents are very much inclined to come watch their students participate in a performance like this, and it will get them in the door and seeing all the amazing things their students are learning about!

Math: Have a Multi-Purpose Game Night!

Set up tables and booths with games like Yahtzee, spinners, card games, etc. These games are “math activities” that build foundational skills, but feel like fun! Here are some benefits: Parents see teachers in action and have game materials to take home at the end of the night. Additionally, not only do parents get one-on-one practice time with their kids, they get to experience an entire room of parents and kids playing and learning together. It makes “doing this stuff” OK with parents and lots of bridges get built. Families build momentum and a community within your classroom.

Reading: Bring a bear, a book, and a buddy for a PJ Campout.

Is there anything cuter than kids in tiny pajamas? Pick a Friday and invite parents and kids to come to school in pjs. The only rules? Bring a bear and a book with you or host the event in your school library. Plan to have parents and kids get cozy to read books together. You can have popcorn and hot chocolate for refreshments. Having kids spend the night at the school is optional, but either way they get to experience reading with their parent as very fun and easy way to connect and learn.

parent teacher resources

Fellow educator, I have hundreds of examples schools can integrate learning and families into all kinds of activities. (I’ve even worked closely with a school in Houston which hosts a Parent University that over 800 families attend each year.)

There’s no way I can share them all in my regular monthly emails, but these three books will surely satisfy your creativity cravings while also helping you build strong relationships with parents.

Have you tried one of these ideas at your school? I’d love to hear what has worked for you or what looks like fun.

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Committed to your success,
Dr. Joni