How to maintain progress during the holidays

Happy Holidays! We are heading into one of my favorite seasons and a really festive time at school. While there are so many fun celebrations and parties, I know that the holiday season can also sometimes be busy and stressful for teachers.

When I was teaching, I always worried that over Winter Break kids would lose a lot of the progress we had been making since September. Would they regress and forget concepts we had learned and worked on for the last few months? Would we have to backtrack and revisit ideas and content in January?

The truth is: a long holiday can be a valuable opportunity for parents, teachers, and families to integrate concepts learned. Teachers and educators can partner with families and show them how - without any extra cost of effort - they can use everyday activities to increase learning (and maintain momentum from the classroom!).

Keep reading to learn more and download activities we selected just for the 2017 winter break.

Winter backtrack → Winter breakthrough

The winter backtrack is a real concern, but not if you have a plan and a few “off the books” learning activities. I know it may be tempting to send home worksheet packets, but students will need a break from worksheets, and this type of activity usually isn’t highly engaging for parents, either.

How exactly can parents partner in “off the books” learning during winter break? How can students feel more supported by parents and teachers at home during the holidays?

We’ve collected some of our favorite activities from FFS’s iconic Parent Playbooks. These simple activities use household chores or activities that likely happen “everyday” in your students homes and give parents a new perspective to integrate those everyday activities with learning.

Whether parents are cooking, taking a walk, or visiting a store (and writing and reflecting about it afterwards), many fun family days can be expanded into learning opportunities when students are not in school. And, when kids return to school they can share their experiences with their class!

Check out the link below to download a select set of activities we picked for the 2017 winter break. They can be adjusted or modified to work for kids of many different grade levels.

Have a teacher friend who might like this? Please share this holiday gift with them by forwarding this email. Anyone can download!

And, if you really like these activities, check out our entire series of Parent Playbooks for grades K-8, in English & in Spanish.

As always, Happy Holidays from Family Friendly Schools.


Dr. Joni Samples

activities for parents & kids at home