Kinder & 1st grade: Simple activities to develop their brain at school & at home

Why is healthy brain development important? Knowing how your student’s or child’s brain accepts new information helps you teach them better and parent them better—you’ll stop pushing them to do tasks beyond their development level and give them something just right for how they learn. 

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Unexamined Habit #2: What to do when parents just don’t care

Have you ever felt like you asked someone a question two, three, or four times - only to get zero response? I’m sure it’s happened with your own biological children - it happened to me all the time when mine were young! But if you’ve ever felt like you’ve reached out to families to try and engage them, to hear only crickets and walk away feeling like they just don’t care… this blog is for you

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Unexamined Habit #1: Relying solely on the “open door” policy and how it could be hurting your school.

Just like me and you, school communities have collective attitudes and actions on autopilot. These are habits and just like our personal habits, they’re subconscious and usually unexamined.  

You’ve probably run into these habits at your school. They’ve become the “way things are” or “how we do things here.” Over time, they become ingrained as institutional patterns.

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