Do any of these ring true for you?

"I feel like I’m winging things on my own and wishing I had someone to bounce ideas off of"

"I’m barely able to keep up with my family engagement priorities as they are - much less take time to think strategically or network with others in the field"

"We need to hit PAUSE and evaluate where we are as a program"


Family Friendly Schools Presents:
The Practitioner's Backbone

Your trusted mentorship network of Family Engagement Professionals

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The Prescription:

  1. Monthly adjustments (coaching calls) with Dr. Joni Samples & her team of expert coaches
  2. Summarized meeting notes with specific problems + solutions we discussed on each call, so you can still receive benefits if you “miss your adjustment”
  3. Use of a limited access listserv in-between calls to ask pressing questions and get advice (it’s like having a coach on-call)


  • Be more effective in your job and finally create space to think of the big picture
  • Feel completely supported and confident because you’re no longer winging it
  • Strengthen your network of Family Engagement Directors, Professionals, & Liaisons while you grow your own program



Want in? Here’s how to Join (it’s Free)

STEP 1: Sign up here to get access to the email listserv.

STEP 2: You’ll receive an email with our monthly call dates & call-in instructions. If you can’t make our calls we’ll send out meeting notes to everyone on the list.

STEP 3: Enjoy better communication & engagement with parents and families at your school!


Sneak Peek of Potential Topics:

- How to support families of students who are struggling the most

- How to have parents consistently attend at-school events

- How to teach teachers to cultivate strong relationships with parents so you’re not alone

- Beyond the workshop model: other ways of engaging parents

- How to work within a restricted budget or leadership constraints



Who is this call for?

Directors, Superintendents, Liaisons, Coordinators, Specialists, Title I Directors - There are so many roles that touch on family engagement. If the topic is part of your job no matter how big or small and you’re interested - please join!

How frequently will you meet?

You can access the email listserv 24/7 via email. We will host LIVE coaching calls monthly.

Do I need to have a specific problem or question?

No, you don’t! You can come and listen, and no question or concern is too big or too small.

Can I get resources in advance?

Yes, check out our store. We highly recommend you go through some of our engagement materials and bring your Qs to the call. You can even hold a book study with your family engagement team and all join in to ask questions.

Is there a cost?

Nope, it’s free! Yes, we mean it.

What if I miss a meeting?

When you join, you get access to our problem-solution meeting notes (personal information redacted)!

Is this call confidential?

Yes, … and, please use your judgement when sharing personally identifying information. We want to get value out of the calls, without putting any person or school in jeopardy.