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Family Friendly Schools Workshops are meant to help you answer the questions you have about engaging families with your school(s). Either take a class on line, arrange for your staff to have their own on line workshop, or have a Family Engagement Specialist come to you with a workshop in your school tailored specifically for your population. The options are up to you. The results will help you see the academic and cultural changes in your school that you’ve been wanting. Family Friendly Schools is THE place to go for Family Engagement!

For School Employees

  • If you’re new to engaging families in your school, there are workshops, trainings, and support while you get started. Look at our workshops or listen to our monthly National Conversation for help.
  • If your school has been doing this work for a while, you may have discovered groups that still just don’t want to engage in your school activities. Targeted Capacity Trainings can help you identify issues and create a plan to engage the families.
  • If you’re a teacher who wants to get more support for learning of the Common Core Standards take a look at the Parent Playbooks Workshops by Common Core Subject Category and join one of our on-line workshops.

For Parents

  • If you’re a parent or in a parent group and you want more information about how to engage with your child’s school, we can show you how.
  • If you’re a parent who wants to help your child with his/her school work and you don’t know how, this is definitely the site for you. Check out the Parent Playbooks and parent workshops. Both are fun for you and your child.
Let’s make this a joint effort. School direction + parent’s engagement create a child’s success!!