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Engage! Workshop Online

How Do Schools Reinforce Academic Learning at Home?

 Engage! Online is the most effective way to start (or expand)
your school district's progress with engaging families in at-home learning

 Benefits of Engage! Online

Dr. Joni Samples, Chief Academic Officer of
Family Friendly Schools
  • Parents feel interested in their child's educational development, especially in districts serving diverse communities
  • Include parents and families in important decision making at the campus and district level, like volunteering 
  • Increased quantity and quality of parental involvement at schools and at home
  • Build trust between parents, students, teachers, and staff that "we're all invested and on the same team" 
  • Get the results of building strong partnerships with parents by working on real projects that enhance academic success
  • Schools are supported and empowered by coaches who have worked nationally building strong family engagement programs 
The Engage! Overview Series meets requirements for family engagement under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA - formerly No Child Left Behind) Title 1, Section 1116.



Engage! Online Opens for Registration in November

Engage! Course Details

Take Coursework Anywhere

Originally created as a rigorous 2-year live seminar and coaching series, Engage! Online brings the live seminars to your desktop. Diversify your school team members - even those who work full-time can participate on your school team. School teams work through course content individually and together - providing flexibility for your school's learning needs.

Focus on Modules Important to Your School

Engage! Online provides training in separate 4-week modules - allowing your school team to focus on modules targeting your needs. Take the entire 2-year Nationally Certifed Curriculum online... OR, take just the courses you want on your timeline.

Receive Extra Support with Conference Calls & Coaching Calls

Learn with schools around the country! Your learning is supported by live conference calls for each module. Schools committing to two years' worth of family engagement training get personalized coaching support included in their package.

Districts Nationwide Trust the Engage! Curriculum




 Nationally Certified Family Friendly Schools

 Join the Club of Certified Family Friendly Schools Across the Country!
Greece Athena Middle School
Rochester, NY
Buckman Heights Elementary School
Rochester, NY
English Village Elementary School
Rochester, NY
Holmes Road Elementary School
Rochester, NY
Lakeshore Elementary School
Rochester, NY
Longridge Elementary School
Rochester, NY
Greece Olympia High School
Rochester, NY
Paddy Hill Elementary School
Rochester, NY
Bush Elementary School
Houston, TX
Liestman Elementary School
Houston, TX
Olle Middle School
Houston, TX
Holmquist Elementary School
Houston, TX
Budewig Intermediate School
Houston, TX
Youngblood Intermediate School
Houston, TX