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Parent Playbooks

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ESEA Title I states in the section on building capacity for parent involvement: "2) shall provide materials and training to help parents to work with their children to improve their children’s achievement."

The Parent Playbook series was designed to do just that as well as to provide understanding for parents in the academic contents standards. Two great things about the Parent Playbook series is that the learning activities in the book are fun to do (parents and children enjoy this aspect) and the activities are matched to the National Common Core Standards which are being taught in the classroom (teachers especially enjoy this aspect). The books are available for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grades. Each book contains activities in English/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies at each grade level.

Books are available in English or in Spanish.

Example Activity : "Alphabet Fun"

Grade Level: K
Number of People: 1+
Time: 10-20 minutes
Materials: Small sticky notes, pen or pencil

A great opportunity to teach letters is while you’re fixing dinner. Place a pad of sticky notes and a pen or pencil next to the stove. Write one letter on a yellow sticky note. Ask your child to tell you the name of the letter. Then ask your child to find something in the room that starts with that letter. He can stick the note on to the item when he finds it.

Rather than concentrate on the name of a letter, you can concentrate on sound of the letter. With a more experienced reader, you can say a word and then have your child find the letter that begins that word.

Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) Standard:
Reading Standards : Foundational Skills : Print Concepts
1b. Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.