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What is Family Engagement?

Family engagement. Parent involvement. Student achievement. As an educator, you hear these words on a daily basis, but perhaps you're struggling to find real solutions for real improvement. You may have discovered that few student achievement programs offer a measurable family engagement process that brings results — until now. Family Friendly Schools is a family engagement process that provides a proven, clear path to success. And because Family Friendly Schools was developed by educators, we understand the challenges you face every day.  We understand the budget issues, assessments and performance.  We also know how much you want your school and your students to learn and be successful.  Parents can help.  We can show you how.


Family Engagement on-line or on-site Workshops provide a quick and easy way to learn how to engage your families in their children’s learning. The more in-depth you go, the better it gets…
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Your baseball coach showed you how to play first base. Your EdCoach helps you engage your families in learning land provides you the support you need to win the minds of their children…

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Certified Family Friendly Schools

Olle Middle School  

Budewig Intermediate School  

Holmquist Elementary School

Youngblood Intermediate School

Athena Middle School  

Buckman Heights Elementary

English Village Elementary

Holmes Road Elementary

Lakeshore Elementary

Longridge Elementary


Paddy Hill Elementary

Bush Elementary

Liestman Elemtary